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Perfect your Swimming Technique

Swim Stroke Correction

Learn to swim more efficiently

You've been swimming your whole life and you've learned to tread water. You can even swim under water and backstroke in a pool. Yet somehow, you still struggle to make progress in your swimming. In order to help you swim efficiently and improve your performance, we assess your current swimming technique and help you improve on your swimming.

Why should I learn how to Swim better?

Correcting your swimming technique can lead to improved efficiency, reduced risk of injury, better endurance, more enjoyment, and improved competitive performance.

Increased swimming endurance

Improve Efficiency & Endurance

The swimming technique can allow you to swim with less effort and move through the water more efficiently, which can help you swim faster and for longer.


Reduce Risk of Injury

Poor swimming technique can increase the risk of injury, such as shoulder pain or lower back pain. Correcting your technique can help reduce the risk of injury.

Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimming

If you are a competitive swimmer, correcting your technique can help you swim faster and more effectively, improving your overall performance.

What you will learn

Breath Control

Swimming Technique and Stroke Correction
Breath control underwater

Body Positioning

Swimming Techniques

Cardiovascular Endurance

Swimming trains endurance

Muscular Endurance

Using my arms to swim

Stroke Efficiency

Timing of your stroke

Power and Speed

Speed and Power
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