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Swimming lessons for children

Who We Are

Swimming Simplified

We empower people of all ages to learn how to swim with Confidence, Competence, and Safety.

Our Swimplified coaches are

Approachable and Caring Coaches


Our team of coaches are friendly, and will help you to master the swimming techniques that you need

Lessons at your convenience


We are based in locations across the island, and can meet you on your schedule.

Excellent Swimming Coach


We take ownership of your goals and are committed to this journey with you.

Our Story

Swimming is an important skill to have at any age, but we realised that there is a blue ocean (pun not intended) of people who cannot swim. They either have a fear of it or are ashamed of not knowing how to as adults.

Swimming classes often feature children, discouraging adults further from learning this valuable skill. Others may find it difficult to have an instructor who is able to meet their needs.

However, we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and confident in the water. We have built up years of experience dealing with children and adults who are afraid of the water, and have helped refined swimming techniques of many of our students!

Swimplified provides a s(w)imple path, well-demarcated and expertly guided by our coaches. First, we match you to a coach based on your availability, location, and goals. Then, we start you on a tailored programme to build your confidence in the water!

Getting started is swimple:


Get a coach

We assess your needs and will assign you a suitable coach based on location and availability.


Get started

We get you started on a comprehensive eight-stage syllabus that improves your fitness and performance.


Gain confidence

Watch yourself become more comfortable in the water, and make the strides forward to progress in your swimming journey.

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