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Private Swimming Lessons in Condos in Singapore

Infants & Toddlers

< 4 years old

Swimming lessons for babies is a must! Studies have shown that children who learn to swim at a young age develop better cognitive, social and physical skills.


We provide swimming lessons for babies from 6 months old. Our instructors will teach you how to be your child’s first lifesaver and help them learn the basics in life saving techniques.

Why should My child learn how to swim?

Swimming is an essential skill that will benefit your children from a very young age.

Here's why you should get your child started:

Private Swimming Lessons in Condos in Singapore

A Critical Skill

Swimming is an important skill that can be helpful in life-threatening situations like drowning. It also provides the basic foundation for your toddler’s future personal development in various aspects of life.

Private Swimming Lessons in Condos in Singapore

Build A Solid Foundation

By learning the proper technique for swimming, your child will find it easier to swim efficiently in their later years.

get a headstart in swimming

Holistic Learning

Swimming is a sport that is shown to help children reach developmental milestones, as they are able to fully exercise their physical, mental, and cognitive abilities in an environment that’s immersive and fun.

What you will learn

Breath Control

Swimming Lessons in private condo
Breath control in water
Confidence in the water

Confidence in the Water

Floating in the water


Submerging underwater with confidence

Submerging Underwater

Safety in water

Water Safety

Swimming Techniques

Coordination and Motor Skills

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