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private swimming lesson singapore
private swimming lesson singapore

Swimming Simplified

Join us today to get your best start in the water!
Everyone deserves to feel safe and confident when swimming.
I want to learn swimming
You may be wondering, why do I need to learn how to swim?

Getting started may be scary, and you may feel:

At Swimplified you don't have to be embarassed as you learn to swim

I feel ashamed of being seen as needing to learn to swim.

How can I find a suitable swimming instructor
Lost and unsure where to start

How do I find an instructor that can meet my needs?

I have no time to learn swimming
I have no time

I have a busy schedule that is difficult to work around

Quality and Experienced Swimming Instructors
High Standards of Coaching

Our coaches receive regular trainings and appraisals to ensure quality coaching for all our students.

We offer:
Swimming lessons for all ages
Individualised Programmes

Everyone learns at a different pace. Our coaches will ensure that learning is scalable and progressive for everyone.

Lessons at your convenience

At Swimplified Swimming School, we fit your schedule to meet you at your convenience.

Getting started:


Get a coach

We assess your needs and will assign you a suitable coach based on the location of your private pool (either in a Condo or Landed property) and availability.


Get started

We get you started on a comprehensive eight-stage syllabus that improves your fitness and performance.


Gain confidence

Watch yourself become more comfortable in the water, and make the strides forward to progress in your swimming journey.

Best Private Swimming Classes in Condos
Best Private Swimming Classes in Condos

hear What our clients have to say:

Reviews for Swimplified

Even though it was awkward to learn swimming as an adult, Clifford was super patient and helped me overcome my fear of water and drowning. He will always correct my swimming technique and is super good at explaining each step.


Although I am not swimming like a pro yet but with the help of Clifford and my own discipline, I am certain I can swim independently soon!

Ee Leen

Adult Swimming

Our Programmes

Our Programes

Have a question? Drop us a message!

Get a private swimming instructor today, or learn in groups:

  • Learn at the comforts of your own Condo's pool.

  • Efficient Process with a team to serve you.

  • Transparent & Fair Lesson Rates Guaranteed.

  • No Hidden Charges / Additional Fees.


We will revert to all enquiries within 24 hours of submission.

Preferred Day(s):
Preferred Timings(s):

*To note:

  • Lessons are in blocks of 30-45 mins

  • Timings that fall out of the those listed above i.e. <8AM and >8PM  will incur an additional fee of $15

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